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The Structure of a C-Corporation

A C-Corporation has Limited Liability – Because a C-Corp is a separate legal entity, the liabilities of the business are separate from the liabilities of the directors, investors and shareholders. Generally, the owners of a C Corporation are protected from being liable for the business’s obligations. This does not apply in all cases, for example if corporate funds are misused, there is willful fraud, or if certain rules and regulations are not followed.

A C-Corporation Exists Independently of its Owners – A C-Corporation can have “Perpetual Existence” — this is in contrast to sole proprietorships or partnerships where a business only exists for as long as the proprietors or owners are alive and in the business.

Ownership of C-Corporations Can Be Fluid and Transferred – Ownership in a C-Corporation is decided by who holds the stocks it issues. These stocks can be bought and sold between investors, and if the company’s shares are publicly traded on a stock exchange, institutions and members of the public can own stock in the company.

Ease of Access to Funding Through Issuing Stock – If a C Corporation want to raise money, it can hold an “Initial Public Offering (IPO)” where it “goes public” and offers shares for sale on a stock exchange. This can bring significant money into a business. They can also choose to issue shares periodically to raise further funding, although this can dilute the value of existing shares.

Enhanced Business or Corporate Credibility – Most of the businesses that are household names are C Corporations. Incorporating as a C Corp demonstrates to others that you expect to see significant growth and can enhance the business’s credibility and authority.

The Benefits of a C-Corporation

The Best Tax Structure for Non-residents – Tax filing obligations are greatly simplified by operating as a C-corporation and operating as a C-corporation reduces both the quantity and complexity of your tax filing obligations with the IRS.

The Ability to Sell Shares – If your looking to obtain investment, venture capital or potentially sell your business venture at some point, a C-corporation is the preferred legal structure for all U.S. based investors.

The Parent / Subsidiary Structure – If you have an existing company outside of the U.S. and your looking to expand into the U.S. market, having your foreign entity own the shares in your U.S. C-corporation subsidiary is an excellent structure for many reasons including taxation, intellectual property rights as well as business visa applications.

Business Address

We provide fixed business address services in any of the 50 states, often with multiple options to choose from. Our virtual address service offers a permanent business street address for registering your company.

Setup a C-Corp

Setup a US C-Corporation – C-Corporations can be a good choice for medium or higher-risk businesses, businesses that need to raise money, and businesses that plan to “go public” or eventually be sold.

Bank Account

Once we have your company formation complete and have your articles back from the state, alongside your EIN tax ID IRS letter, we can put you in touch with our banking partners to get your account setup.

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